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About Us
Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company Limited (Swadeshi) is a London, United Kingdom based Company. The company's line of business includes holding or owning securities of companies other than banks. International Shipping, Trading and Green value enhancement.

In addition Swadeshi's business also includes supporting international Shipping, events, digital services and academic knowledge group.

We're here to champion the specialist. Through hundreds of brands and a range of products and services, we connect businesses and professionals with the knowledge they need to learn more, know more and do more.

We are Disciplined, Well Trained, Talented, Dedicated Team. We are Professional and Passionate about What we do, The way we do and How we do. We set standards that others like to follow.

What We Do
Swadeshi's leading brands connect people with knowledge, helping businesses and professionals in dozens of specialist markets to learn more, know more and do more.

Swadeshi works in two main markets: in Academic Markets, where we serve and support researchers and institutions worldwide, and in Business-to-Business Markets, where we champion businesses and professionals working in a number of different sectors.

We deliver a broad range of products and services based on knowledge, connections and market access, including smart events, live and on-demand experiences, specialist content and media, audience development solutions, digital lead and demand generation services, peer-reviewed knowledge, open research and partnering platforms.

Where We Are
London, United Kingdom

Our History
Swadeshi is formed in 2023, and through growth and acquisition, we aim to become a leading international events and scholarly research group.

Our long-term strategy is to accelerate growth by building depth in specialist markets and increasing the pace of digitisation throughout the business.

Between 2023 and 2024 we are delivering this strategy through the Growth Acceleration Plan 1.
Growth Acceleration Plan 2 is our plan to grow further, faster and sustainably.

Our Markets
Swadeshi operates in the international market for knowledge and information. This is where businesses and professionals come to find connections and intelligence that help them stay well-informed, effective and successful in their roles and companies.

It is a fast-moving market, enabled by technology and data.
Here, some of our colleagues describe the major trends we are seeing and how we are serving customers and helping to champion their success.
Specialisation of Markets
The value of B2B data
Face to Face
Digitisation of Knowledge

Purpose & Principles
Throughout Swadeshi, in every market and Swadeshi business, we share the same purpose: to champion the specialist, connecting people with knowledge to help them learn more, know more and do more.

Alongside this purpose, our teams and colleagues follow four distinct guiding principles.
These describe key aspects of our culture and what we believe in, and they guide how we engage with one another, with customers and with all our partners.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship and governance of the Group and meets regularly to assess, review and approve the Group’s performance, strategy and allocation of capital. Learn more about the Role of the Board and Corporate Governance at our webpage.

Swadeshi All Secure
Wherever you see Swadeshi AllSecure, it means you can expect an enhanced approach to health and safety standards following COVID-19